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Since the age of 5, WILDNESS ROSE's life has been intertwined with music. After leaving the cinema with the melody of a soundtrack resonating in his mind, a clear

determination was born in him: "I wanted to play the piano." He spent over a decade honing his skills in piano and music theory, adding five more years exploring drumming percussion. However, as life often unfolds, it had other plans for him, and unforeseen circumstances led him to leave it all

behind. In 2019, WILDNESS ROSE decided to take a new direction in

his musical journey, this time embracing the role of a DJ. Merging deep vocals and African rhythms with house music,

he uses 4 decks & FX to create unique and epic journeys. His original performances have led him to become an exclusive artist, performing only at select events within and outside Spain (France, Dakar, Lebanon, Barcelona, Madrid, Cádiz, Gran Canaria). His musical style is a fusion of the characteristic elegance of deep vocals and the energetic

vitality of afro house.

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