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Twiga, born in Cali, has 8 years of experience in the Colombian and world electronic scene. Since she was a little girl, her father was the one who transmitted her passion for music, dance and sports, in the formation of the school she was part of the salsa orchestra, standing out in all the percussion part, opening the spark and the love towards the music that would later be born in TWIGA. All this made her embark on a career in the world of music where little by little she has been discovering her own sound, filling her Deep Tech sets with progressive atmospheres and sound elegance.

Her charisma, dedication and her constant work have led her to participate in major national and international events, passing through some of the most important clubs in Colombia such as Elíptica, Mission Club, La Fabrika, La Sucursal, Fragma, in presentations in large events as internationally as Dubai, Portugal, Madrid, Valencia, Cancun, Punta Cana, Panama. He is currently in Madrid, studying in the world of music production with some remixes and his first Original tracks which predict a successful start with a 2nd and 13th place in the TOP100 Minimal Deep Tech of the most important electronic music store in the world. .

Her recording career is projected to major labels and important collaborations with artists of great weight in the world electronic scene, thus standing out as an artist who not only transmits her energy on any dance floor, but in any studio, expressing her love for this original genre. your next productions


It is worth noting her work hand in hand with the international producer Sebastian Ledher and her inclusion as part of the renowned label Play Groove Recordings, joining her ranks as an artist of the same.

Remember very well what we told you, Twiga, a must it in the cabin of your Club, on your dance floor, in your head and in your heart.

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