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PAUZA is the first female electronic duo from Cuba, made up of Zahira Sánchez and Paula Fernández. The duo have reinterpreted house music culture by adding Latin rhythms and Cuban folklore to their house music and style. Their musical technicalities, sharpened with their ability to cross different genres without problem, always maintaining their Cuban style, has led them to play at important festivals such as EDC Mexico, Batidora, Abracadabra, Live Out, among many others.


Among their singles, they have numerous recognized successes such as their single "Jungle Fever", a track along the lines of Deep House and with a voice in Spanish, this track builds a panorama of the typical atmosphere of Cuban culture. The Cuban duo continues to captivate the music industry around the world with their single "Tomaza", one of their latest releases which was released on their most recent EP, "Ire". This EP, which has been heard all over the world, is a perfect example of the gigantic talent of the Cuban duo.


PAUZA released hot songs in 2021 such as "Water to drink", in collaboration with Robbie Rivera; "Sonide de Calle" with Christian Vinci, We Come with Conga Tonga and their acclaimed EP "Ire" which was released by the renowned music label, Create Music Group. This EP is a perfect mix that evolves from his folklore and Cuban essence with electronic rhythms.


This 2022, PAUZA has much more music to release, preparing his new EP material in the studio and finishing all the collaborations that will be released throughout the year.


"Our music represents how we live daily in Cuba; it's a lifestyle that we want to attribute a soundtrack to" . -PAUZA

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