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Sebastián González Murillo, known artistically as Massianello, is a Colombian DJ and music producer with a trajectory of more than 14 years in the music industry. Born in Medellín, Colombia, Massianello has established himself as one of the most important references of AfroHouse and AfroLatin music.


Massianello has achieved great recognition in Colombia and Latin America, positioning himself as one of the most important artists of AfroHouse and AfroLarin. He has toured various countries, including Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and, of course, Colombia, as well as his recent performance in the prestigious Blue Marlin Ibiza bringing his music to new audiences and consolidating his presence in the international music scene.


Currently, Massianello continues to reap successes and expand his career as an international DJ/producer by releasing tracks such as "Hipnotizadme", "Brazil" and a long etc on his Afrodicto label.

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