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Luis Lobo


Luis Lobo is a DJ originally from Avila but who has been living in Madrid for years.
Passionate about music in general, and vinyl in particular, he was educated among rock, funky, soul records... where artists such as Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or Sade among others stand out.

He soon began to be interested in electronic music in general, more specifically in the facet of mixing, beginning a process of evolution until he found the sounds that are present in his performances today.
His sets are characterized by including futuristic sounds thanks to Sci-Fi cut themes, hypnotic and forceful rhythms, where a careful musical selection stands out, creating atmospheres of darkness in which moments of light are included that allow changing the rhythm of the session. .

He has recently participated in events such as Faro 314 # 004, promoted by the Madrid group Farola Sound and Soniquete parties.

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