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Eli Rojas

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Hailing from Cali, Columbia, Eli Rojas has mastered the skill of mixing Latin and Caribbean flavor in the Ibiza electronic music scene.


Coming from a background of salsa, reggae and urban music, Ibiza inspired Eli to make a big musical shift towards dub, dub-step, deep and tech-house. It allowed Eli to take his knowledge of electronic music to another level while it evolved with the Latin understanding of rhythm. Soon Eli began to define his style as Latin Urban Groove.

In addition to his residency at the iconic Blue Marlin Ibiza, Eli's recent shows include Cocobeach Party in Paris, France, where he sealed a major partnership with the French Kitchen label. She has been seen regularly attending the Lolita party at the glamorous Pacha Ibiza and moving crowds of thousands at the renowned European reggae festival The Rototom Sunsplash.


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